Jul 01

Bille J Armstrong on the balance of rage and love in Green Day’s music:

"If it’s all rage, then it becomes boring. Life gets boring. It’s very easy to become an angry young man to a bitter old bastard. Then there’s the love side of it, love is a wonderful thing, but that could be just as irritating."

I fucking love this man.

Mar 06


I know things may be hard for you right now and nobody could ever understand the amount of pain you’re feeling at the moment. But I just want to tell you this. Things will get better when you believe it will get better. Let life guide you into happiness instead of trying to recreate happiness of the past. In my experience, things got better the moment I stop obsessing over the fact that I am sad. Life is a funny thing, live it. And never let it go.

People do love and care about you. I may not know you but my heart and prayers go out to you.

Now go out and have the time of your life :) You deserve it.

Dec 18


I have more interesting thing to post coming very very soon. Why now? Cause I’m HOME. Where? MALAYSIA. And I’m just so happy to be here now. Will be posting pretty and yummy things :)

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Till then,

Ciao loves <3

Nov 14


Here is the FULL GLEE AUDITION answers. They got cut off on the Glee website.

You can watch the song by clicking HERE! :]

My favorite YouTuber. Hope he makes it onto the Glee Project! #Team J-Co

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